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How to differentiate an effective meeting from the one that is not effective? 

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Meetings are hard. No one likes them. Well, you are probably aware of that already, so there is no need for you to click here to take a look at various memes dedicated to this subject. Luckily, there is a very detailed description of what an effective meeting is which you can find below. 

Running an effective meeting is not as simple as it may seem at first. Thus, an effective meeting is the one after which a person feels even more motivated and energized. One also feels like they have accomplished something or at least have figured out how to implement that idea they have been mulling over for weeks.

In other words, the following steps are essential for an effective meeting: whether the objective of a meeting was met; whether the minimum amount of time was taken and whether the participants feel like they were involved in a sensible and productive activity.

One of the most important things in terms of running a meeting is to serve a useful purpose for all the participants. That is the reason why it is so vital to come up with a clear objective. There are different types of meeting objectives. Sometimes the aim may be to come up with a decision or to generate more ideas. It is also possible to hold a meeting in order to communicate important information to a large group of people or simply to get status reports. The most significant question in terms of deciding what the objective of a meeting is as follows: what is the desired result at the end of a meeting? Once this aspect has been determined, it is easier to proceed to the detailed planning and structure of a meeting as well as to figure out who needs to be present at that meeting. Another important aspect is the amount of time required for an effective meeting.

Clearly, no one likes to waste their time which is the reason why meetings cannot be too time-consuming. The key element here is to be as efficient as possible. Creating an agenda is of vital importance as it helps to stick to a certain timetable. The agenda should consist of the following elements: priorities, sequence and results. One needs to decide what topics are essential for covering at a meeting, in what order they should be covered as well as what results are expected at the end of a meeting. It is necessary to make sure that everyone respects the timing of a meeting which presupposes that participants should show up on time and come prepared.

In order to make sure that a meeting is useful for everyone involved, it is vital to ask for the opinion of every person, to summarize key points of a meeting, to highlight the things that require further discussion after a meeting as well as to provide the next steps which a team needs to take in order to fully solve the problem in question.

Taking everything into consideration, effective meetings are all about proper planning, structure, order and ground rules. There needs to be a solid objective in order to know what to expect once the meeting is over as well as understand what the potential results of a meeting are going to be. What is more, it is important to stick to a tight agenda so that not to waste anyone’s time. Asking for the participants’ feedback after a meeting will also be useful.

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