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5 Golden Password Protection Rules That Reduce The Risk Of Online Security Breaches

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Cybersecurity is a major concern in this age of growing security threats for all the devices that use the internet. The risk is substantial, irrespective of the size and wealth of a company because if hacked, hackers strip all the assets. The situation is worse in the cases of a malware attack – hackers can attack all companies, individual users, and every single IoT device that uses the same malware corrupted software. Thus, you must intend to secure all your devices with a strong backdoor password that is uncommon and hard to predict. If trying to find out the ways to come up with such a strong password, you must read through the guide below that features 5 password rules you should never stray from.

  1. Make Them Longer

No matter what the system indicates, an 8-digit password is no longer strong. Professional security experts spread the same knowledge since any password that’s shorter than 12 characters is quite hackable. The reason being, hackers have started coming up with newer and scarier ways to decode passwords and breach the security system. The ideal length of a strong password is a minimum of 20 characters.

  1. Make Them Unique

A simple long password isn’t sufficient. Rather, the 20-character long password should be a combination of letters, uppercase and lowercase alphabets, numbers, and symbols. So, long and unique is the thumb rule you must stick with.

  1. Do Not Repeat Them

Repeating a strong password for more than one device/email account takes away the uniqueness feature. It means, if hackers are able to decode one password, all the devices and accounts will be hacked. So, be smart and create a different password for all the devices that you use.

  1. Do Not Share Them

Backdoor password is very sensitive since it’s the first security passway between the internet and your device. You wouldn’t like it compromised. And the best way to ensure that it remains uncompromised is by not sharing it with many people. You can also use multi-factor or two-factor authentication for added security.

  1. Save Them Securely

If you want to maintain the secrecy of the passwords, you need to make them unique and different. But it is not easy to remember all such long and complex passwords. If you write them on a piece of paper, you’re putting all your accounts at imminent risk. Thus, use a legit password manager app that can save all your passwords instead of writing them down only to lose them later.

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