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Set the mood for photography with low key lighting

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The photographer uses various tools and techniques to get a perfect shot of the subject. One such tool that photographer use is the lighting. Lighting plays an important role in photography. If the lighting is not appropriate, the picture may appear dull and lifeless. The photographers use low key lighting effect to enhance the shadows in the picture. It uses a hard light source to create a low key lighting effect. It generally uses dark tones and colors. If the photographer wants to isolate the subject from the background or to add drama they can use low key lighting. https://skylum.com/blog/low-key-lighting-photography-tips gives you detailed information on low key lighting.

Different ways of using low key lighting

  • Side lighting: Side lighting helps the user to achieve high contrast. Under such set up of light one part of the subject appears dark which gives a dramatic and mysterious effect to the subject.
  • Rembrandt lighting: Rembrandt lighting is used to create different shapes on the darker side of the picture. It is the best way to experiment by adding different shapes to the image.
  • Hard backlight: In this type of setting the light is placed behind the subject. The light falls on the wall behind the user which highlights the edge of the subject.

Things to be considered in low key photography

  • Use good lights: The photographers should invest their money in getting good lights instead of spending the heavy amount on camera gear. Good lighting does the work with more convenience.
  • Monitor your level: The photographer should be very careful with its pixel information. The subject should not be underexpressed or overexpressed. It reduces the beauty of the picture.
  • Negative fill: The negative fill is used to absorb light. Negative fill is any kind of dark-colored cloth that helps you to control the exposure of light that hits the subject.
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