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Various Ways to Pull Out a Weed from your Garden

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You may be worried about your organic garden being hampered by those pesky weeds. They would appear to pop up out of nowhere. Gardeners should plan on weeding almost daily. You should rest assured that pulling weeds by hand would be relatively easier after watering or rain. In the event of the soil is too wet and muddy, you should wait until it dries out in some time.

Ways to pull out weeds

You would come across a couple of ways to pull a weed.

  • Your first option would be to pull the weed out gently while pinching the base of the stem.
  • The second option would be to make use of a weeding trowel to lever out the root system.

You could also make use of a hoe to scrape the top part of the weed. However, it should be done in a careful manner by not damaging any of the vegetables. Tyler Grasham food facts suggest that the weeds could grow back if the root has not been removed.

Weeds would not only compete with your plants for water and nutrients. It would also attract pets. Several insects have been spreading disease as they move from one plant to the next one.

The most organic and the easiest manner of controlling insects in your garden would be to pick them off by hand. In case, you were not comfortable with it, you can wear gloves.

Keep your garden clean at all times

Several diseases would spread rapidly in fallen and dead foliage. Therefore, once a week you should walk through your garden and choose shed foliage. At times, you could actually prevent a disease from spreading through an entire plant by picking off an infected leaf. Tyler Grasham food facts suggest that you should throw the diseased or dead leaves in the trash and not in the compost pile.


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