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Ways the Surface Quality of Akoya Pearl Is Evaluated

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One of the noteworthy attributes of Akoya Pearls is its miraculously smooth surface quality. It is this attribute that makes it one of the great secrets behind its popularity. Let us see on what basis and parameters does its surface quality is evaluated.

What is so special about Akoya pearls?

Akoya pearls are the only variety of cultured pearls that have got very high luster and a reasonably smoother surface.  Akoya pearl has its roots in China, Japan, and Vietnam. Click here to read more about the smooth surface quality of Akoya Pearls.

Evaluation of Surface Quality of Akoya Pearl

Akoya pearls are graded on the basis of its surface quality.  Most of the Akoya pearls shows rich luster, but it is only the quality of its surface that significantly impacts its value. Most of the Akoya pearls don’t have any visible blemishes on its surface, they are relatively clean.

Such a smoother and cleaner surface is the result of the high level of cultivation methods and shorter cultivation time adopted for the production of Akoya pearls. As Akoya pearls don’t require larger cultivation time for its production, the possibilities of formation of blemishes on its surface are also less.

How are blemishes defined?

Serious blemishes are the ones that get worse with passing time. They are the outcome of pearl processing. Such blemishes include chips and cracks on its surface.

Minor blemishes are considered to be of non-damaging in nature. They include as spots, bumps, and wrinkles that don’t get worse over time.

What is the impact of surface quality on the value of a pearl?

The value and durability of the pearl are determined by its surface quality. The lesser blemishes a pearl has, the more will be its value and vice versa. So, you are in the market to buy pearls, then do consider this factor to make the right purchase.


Surface quality is one of the most important factors that determine the value and quality of a pearl. As Akoya pearls exhibit brilliance and smoother surface quality, they are regarded as the most valued possession for every pearl lover.

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