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What Choices for the Cell Tracking is Possible

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In case you don’t like the solution to spy on a cellphone that we just proposed to you or, more simply, if you were looking for valid alternatives we suggest you consult my guide on how to spy an Android phone. At least take a look at it, I’m sure you’ll find the solution that’s right for you.

Spy on an iPhone

If instead you are interested in spying on a mobile phone and in this specific case the device to be monitored is an iPhone, know that SMStracking, the app we told you about in the previous lines, is also available for iOS but has decidedly limited functions as it only allows to monitor the geographical location of the device. If you are interested, you can download the app from the App Store by pressing here directly from the device and then following the same instructions that we provided when we explained to you how to spy an Android phone. A visit to http://smstrackers.com/iphone-spy-for-sms-whatsapp-and-cell-tracking-100-free/ makes things perfect.

However, if your goal is solely and exclusively to monitor the iPhone’s geographic location, know that instead of resorting to third-party apps, you can easily make it your intent using the SMStracking service. If you are interested, you can investigate the matter by consulting my guide on how to track down a stolen phone by which we proceeded to explain in detail how to use this service.

  • Alternatives, so to speak, are more complete with the solutions that we have just shown you to spy on a cell phone in the case of an iPhone, but there are some, but to be able to exploit them it is essential that the device on which you intend to act has been subjected to jailbreak. This means that if you intend to monitor the activities carried out on an “iPhone by” you must first proceed to unlock it by following the instructions you find in guides such as how to make iPhone jailbreak that we proposed some time ago.
  • Once this operation is completed (a little long but all in all simple) you can try a couple of applications that allow you to monitor messages, websites visited by the phone, call history and more. We recommend a pair that you can find directly in SMStracker, the alternative store.

SMStracker Options

This is a complete monitoring software that can record words and phrases typed on iOS, call history, sent and received messages, capture iPhone screenshots at regular time intervals and more. It is free of charge but is available in a free 3-day trial version. To access its settings, set the items to monitor and view what has already been registered, start Safari by typing in the address bar and press the Go button attached to the keyboard that is shown on the screen.


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