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Why Are There States Where Fake Pee Is Illegal?

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Before you get employed, and during your time at work, chances are almost 60% that you’ll have to do a drug test. It’s almost 2020 and people are wondering why are there still drug tests where you have to prove that you didn’t take any drugs.

Research shows that more than 20 million Americans use drugs regularly. When we say regularly we mean at least once a week. A lot of these people have their own jobs and do what they are supposed to do just normally. See some stats about this here.

So why is it that employers still insist on performing drug tests? A lot of countries in the world and a lot of states in the USA are now completely liberating the recreational use of marijuana. A majority of the people that consume are exactly marijuana users but the tests are not making any difference between other heavy drugs and THC lovers.

There’s a normal moral question arising here – who’s right? The government letting states to liberate the drug use or the employers still holding on to the standard understanding of what needs to be followed as a rule before you get to work.

Why is it that employers insist on this?

The main and official reason is that they care for the workplace and the company in general. It is clear that all illicit drugs make an impairment and overwhelm the brain so that the consumer is unable to work properly.

Even marijuana which is a light drug can cause impairment. It’s not against the law to drink alcohol but you can be sure that the boss will fire you if they find out you’re drinking at the workplace, right? It’s the same with marijuana. If you get caught smoking in the workplace, be sure that you’ll get sacked.

But what happens if you consume at home and after work? A standard working week is 5 to 6 days. Then, the workers go home and want to relax from the stressful week. Everyone has some kind of enjoyment. Someone likes to do sports, someone is fond of alcohol, and other love taking drugs. You can’t judge people for doing what they love.

Every narcotic effect fades off after some time. For example, the marijuana effect is active for an hour or two max, but the traces of the use stay in our system for more than a month. That means, when an employer asks from you to take the test, they’ll find traces in your body, but that might be from a weekend three weeks ago when you smoked a joint at a party.

You were working on Friday and you did a great job, and you showed up on Monday also doing the same great job. Why would the boss punish you for something you’re doing in your own free time and in a state where all of it is legal? There’s no logic in that right?

Very often, the reason is that some of the employers are still very conservative. Even though science proves that using some kinds of drugs is not harmful at all or at least not more harmful than some other legal activities, like drinking alcohol – people still see that as a terrible crime.

In most cases, this is the main reason why business owners perform the narcotic test. They want their employees to be clean and they don’t like the idea of having workers in their company that might have a joint in their pocket while seating on the desk. Of course, carrying something like that at work should be punishable, but chances are big you’re smart enough not to do it.

Another reason why they perform narcotic examinations is that this is a great way to find a legal way to get rid of someone. Often, workers have signed contracts and unless someone breaks them, it’s almost impossible to sack them. If they fail the test, they’ll need to leave the office immediately.

Why states are banning the fake pee?

Just like company owners, the state governments are trying to make a healthy society. Drugs are still seen as something bad and harmful. See drugtestingreviews.com/states-that-have-banned-synthetic-urine/ to learn which states have banned the use of fake pee right now.

If you look at things from a government angle, you might understand their moves. When it comes to state officials, they have a lot on their minds and in their hands. So many state workers operating heavy machinery and carrying human lives in their hands can’t be let doing whatever they want.

A lot of people are using fake pee products to come out clean on the tests and this is something that is concerning them. There’s almost no way to prevent this happen because you can’t make them pee in the toilet in front of a doctor. There’s something called personal integrity and human rights, so knowing all this, the situation is as it is.

The solution that almost 20 states accepted and more are battling to do the same is called banning synthetic urine. The manufacturers of these products claim that this is an adult industry and pranking product, but their voice is not as strong as the one of the government. It seems like this product’s days are counted and soon the whole country will have it banned.

It will be much harder to give a fake sample if it is completely banned. Sure the illegal ways will still exist, but getting in a fight with the law like you’re a criminal is far from smart. Maybe it’s good to do some drugs now before the laws prevent you from cheating in the future.


Whatever the reason is, it’s clear that soon all states will have regulations where it will be impossible to buy a synthetic sample that you can pass as your own. It’s silly to have one law saying that some drugs are not harmful and should be legal and another that makes you unable to pass the drug test, but there it is. Do whatever it takes to pass the examination day without circumstances.

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